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Welcome to Swamis & Co.!

Color coordination and balance is the key to the enduring beauty of my designs. Timeless organic shapes and gentle designs are elegant and sweet with a touch of serenity. My original handmade silver wire jewelry will be your go-to everyday piece or the one to dazzle on your special day.

 Designing and crafting jewelry is my lifework. I personally handpick gemstones that inspire me to carefully craft into jewelry; with a hope that they will spark something in your heart too. When I travel, which is also a very important part of my lifework, I treasure my encounters with gemstones/silver at every destination to find and bring back delightful pieces to combine western sophistication with exotic charm.

 Throughout the years, my customers have described my creations as dainty, delicate or feminine. They tell me that people find my designs charming and are great conversation starters which brings me joy because my dedication as an artisan is to delight with my craftsmanship and bring satisfaction to anyone who wears them. I sincerely hope that you will find a design, a color or a combination in my collection that will bring you a sense of happiness as well.      

Designer  Junko Nakanoya Schuckit  Gemologist

Since 2006